General Information

1. Design activities

1.1. Structural design

Civil engineering design (civil and industrial)

- Design of structures;

- Interior design;

- Design of steel structures;

- Design of metallic structures ( towers, bridges)

Design and rehabilitation of roads:

- Studies surveying;

- Mapping;

- The final design of the roads.

Electrical design

1.2. Design and introduction of fixed and mobile telecom interfaces

Designs for Internet sites and mobile sites;
Sites on new structures (towers), sites include:

- Topographic maps;

- Geotechnical Studies;

- Preliminary Draft (site selection, systematizations  checks);

- Details of the execution for metallic confections;

- Foundations details;

- Details for tower installation;

- Details for electrical installations.

Sites on existing structures (buildings, towers and other) projects that include:

- Opinion of the original designer;

- Initial project;

- Details of Execution (DDE).

Design maps for coverage areas and interference analysis;
Integration of new mobile stations, obtaining prior consent of RF equipment manufacturer;

- Design and introduction of digital data transmission network (wireless or fiber optic relays) which are associated with fixed and mobile telecommunication systems.

- Design and integration of management methods and timings associated with different types of transmission equipment used in the system.


2. Ground measurements and mapping

Studies for fixed and mobile telecom site locations (technical documentation, settlement design, the documents required for rental and other notices necessary for the execution of works).
Other documentations needed for connected works: access roads, electrical connections (technical documentation, territory settlement plan, coordinate, documents required for obtaining building permit).
Technical documentation of buildings (detailed plans for the calculation of the areas occupied by utilities).
Technical assistance during the execution of the work and final inspections

           (Measurements for verification of placement in the field).

Exploring the behavior of the construction in time (regular measurements to see if construction has not moved because of land movements).

3. Industrial Production

Execution of any type of metal structure (different types of manufacturing: black, galvanized, galvanized and painted), after won projects or after the beneficiary designs;
Simple steel structures of average complexity;
Telecommunications towers;
Reinforcements for foundations;
Shelter for telecommunications projects developed by its own or the beneficiary;
Supports execution of prefabricated elements or antennas  foundations, used in towers or fences;
 Execution of other types of fencing manufacturing galvanized steel.

4. Construction

Construction and installation of any element of wireless infrastructure, self-supporting towers, pylons anchored, concrete towers, antenna self-supporting or set in concrete;
Repair and waterproofing for terraces and roof construction, interior architecture;
Civil and industrial buildings - houses, buildings, industrial buildings.

5. Specific activities of radio communication systems  integration

Installation, testing and commissioning of antenna systems, RF and MW
Installation, testing and commissioning GSM equipment;
Configuration, monitoring and management of telecommunications systems;
Integrator activities in the field of data transmission systems, network management, network topology and resource control Traffic management;
Implementation of software applications needed by data systems;
Maintenance activities for data transmission systems;
Business consulting on installation and customer services;
Installation of cables and waveguides, measurement of cable


Installing warning lights and groundings;

6. Electrical installation activities

Execution and modification of internal installations of power supply;
Outdoor connections;
Installing different types of electric household equipments.

7. Telecom Infrastructure execution

Execution of civil works for installation of telecommunications infrastructure for over / underground;
Design execution for obtaining the necessary permits;
Materials and equipment installation works specific for the telecom infrastructure.