General Information

Customer-tailored services

Radio design services The radio access design services involve all the activities necessary to prepare radio access links installation for VodafoneRO corporate customers, according to VodafoneRO standards and procedures and within specified levels of QoS.
IP development design services IP design services consist in providing all the activities necessary to prepare the CPE equipment (client routers) and PE (site router) for ISS (VPN/Internet) port activation, Direct Link Microwave equipment monitoring and ISS port activation through IPN.
Implementation services (site survey services, installation and removal services, supplying installation kits, technical support and training)
Technical support services Level1, Level 2, Level 3 (on behalf of
Proactive Performance Monitoring (through selected KPI)
Automation of processes and workflows through software applications (CRM) to ensure:
Achieve better operational efficiency through enforcement of well structured business processes
Ease interactions through collaborative tools (on-line data exchange with subcontractors)
Close performance (SLA and KPI) monitoring and reporting
Comprehensive tracking of all activities, materials and interactions

Services capabilities

Installation and commissioning
Site engineering
Site survey service
Network design
Spare stock and inventory management services
Equipment screening
Network maintenance
NOC Service 24x7
Project Management services for complex projects
Integration and co-ordination of partners and subcontractors